Good Mourning…

Good Mourning…

She never thought of mourning as the loss of anything but a loved one, but in her life she has had a lot of opportunity to mourn.

Mourning the loss of a pet, mourning the loss of a friendship, mourning the loss of an opportunity, mourning the loss of a job, and mourning the loss of a marriage were experiences that she was blindsided by.  She thought of herself as being strong in her ability to protect her inner most feelings from being seen.  What she didn’t realize is that by doing that the feelings have nowhere to go but inward and that is what is affecting her now.


She sometimes mourns unconventional things.

She mourns the loss of her old body.  Age was never a concern until her body starts to change.

She mourns the loss of her old way of thinking.  Things used to be easy and exciting to take action on.

She mourns the loss of an old car.  She has always felt that her car was a part of her, an outward expression of who she is.  She puts a lot of thought into the type of car that she drives and it becomes a part of her so much so that when it gets towed out of the driveway a piece of her goes with it.

What she is now realizing is that the pieces of her that go away are really not to be mourned but to be celebrated with great expectations of new pieces to be found.

~3rd Person Observation©


“The grief has settled enough for me to breathe and look into the future for more than a moment…”

~Elizabeth Alexander~