Thought of the day…3/25/17


We all need to get clear on what we think about each day.  If you are thinking the same thoughts all of the time you will not move forward.  Maybe you are afraid of moving forward…afraid of what you are leaving behind.  If it has been really good then you don’t want to leave that comfortable spot.  If it has’t been really good then you maybe feel that it is what you deserve.

It can be a catch 21 and keep you going around that same mountain for years.


Dealing with your aging parents…


Growing up I never really thought of how it was going to be when my parents got older.  I saw my mother take care of her mom and uncle in our home, (I am not at that point yet) but it is different when you have the responsibility yourself.

It can be hard dealing with everyday issues and remembering how your parents used to handle the same things when they were younger.  Hearing is a big factor.  When you can’t hear well, (I am starting to experience that myself) things get confusing.

Our parents are all aging just as we are.  It is just as hard for them so it is important to be there for them just as we hope our children will be there for us…


personal accomplishments…

self-pic-2-reducedI am an experienced Executive Assistant with over 22 years in the field.  I have extensive experience with all administrative tasks, including scheduling and correspondence.  Having held positions in the mortgage, legal and real estate fields, I am able to tailor my skills to meet the needs of various clients.  I have increased efficiency in several of my assigned roles, and am very effective at teaching new trainees.  I am able to interact directly with potential and existing clients.

            Due to my extensive studies of business applications in high school, I was recommended for my first position to the local bank.  I then progressed from that entry level position to an executive level position, before moving on to becoming an executive assistant for a financial planner.  From there, I acquired my company allowing me to use my talents to assist multiple business owners. 

            In my various roles, I have been responsible for organizing meetings and schedules, as well as being fully certified public notary.

            In addition to my duties as an executive assistant, I am also active in my local Chamber of Commerce providing marketing assistance and promoting local businesses.  I belong to a women’s networking group which provides an atmosphere to further women in their careers, create connections and gain financial freedom.

            With a “seriously?” mantra in mind, I have found that there is nothing too big or strong for me to conquer.  I do not believe in the Oxford Comma and have a passion for finding efficient ways to get things done on my own terms.  I am a hometown girl with strong family connections and a worldly vision that anyone can accomplish anything they set their mind to.




I am wanting to cry and then not wanting to cry and then shred some things and then the shredder stops (who knows why) and then I need to take a shower and then I need to get rid of some clutter and then…and then…I wonder why I feel so useless and unable to think straight and then…and then…

Just a typical day in the life of my brain.


Who said it first…

I feel sometimes like maybe there is something wrong with me.   Actually I feel like that a lot lately.  I want to know why some people can irritate me to my core and I can shrug off other peoples stupidity.

I am speaking of my recent post about changing the color of my hair.  I want to be a little more daring and take some chances.  I voice it to my husband who thought it looked cool…got up the courage to speak it out loud (on social media) and then went ahead and did it.  Now someone else from my past has jumped on the band wagon and wants the same look…

What is it about this exchange that has me all caught up in the moment.  I want to scream at the world over something so stupid that I cannot even control myself.

I have waited a sufficient amount of time before posting this rebuttal and now I feel that I need to press the “publish” button…so there!


Good Mourning…

Good Mourning…

She never thought of mourning as the loss of anything but a loved one, but in her life she has had a lot of opportunity to mourn.

Mourning the loss of a pet, mourning the loss of a friendship, mourning the loss of an opportunity, mourning the loss of a job, and mourning the loss of a marriage were experiences that she was blindsided by.  She thought of herself as being strong in her ability to protect her inner most feelings from being seen.  What she didn’t realize is that by doing that the feelings have nowhere to go but inward and that is what is affecting her now.


She sometimes mourns unconventional things.

She mourns the loss of her old body.  Age was never a concern until her body starts to change.

She mourns the loss of her old way of thinking.  Things used to be easy and exciting to take action on.

She mourns the loss of an old car.  She has always felt that her car was a part of her, an outward expression of who she is.  She puts a lot of thought into the type of car that she drives and it becomes a part of her so much so that when it gets towed out of the driveway a piece of her goes with it.

What she is now realizing is that the pieces of her that go away are really not to be mourned but to be celebrated with great expectations of new pieces to be found.

~3rd Person Observation©