Who said it first…

I feel sometimes like maybe there is something wrong with me.   Actually I feel like that a lot lately.  I want to know why some people can irritate me to my core and I can shrug off other peoples stupidity.

I am speaking of my recent post about changing the color of my hair.  I want to be a little more daring and take some chances.  I voice it to my husband who thought it looked cool…got up the courage to speak it out loud (on social media) and then went ahead and did it.  Now someone else from my past has jumped on the band wagon and wants the same look…

What is it about this exchange that has me all caught up in the moment.  I want to scream at the world over something so stupid that I cannot even control myself.

I have waited a sufficient amount of time before posting this rebuttal and now I feel that I need to press the “publish” button…so there!


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